Product Name : SB Series
Product No : SBSeries
SB Series
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif One piece bed, floor type casting.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Alloy steel spindle with opposed taper roller bearings.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif All gears in the headstock are hardened and precisely ground.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif 4 automatic ranges through pneumatic shifting.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Spindle speed ranges are automatically changed by M code.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Infinitely variable speed are commanded by S code.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Tool change are commanded by T code.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Auto lubrication system is equipped for headstock and carriage, cross-slide.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Precision tapered roller bearings are equipped on the spindle and the quill.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif The quill is heat treated and precisely ground.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Inner taper of quill can suit MT#6 dead center or live center.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Turcire B lining is applied on cross slide and carriage for reducing friction.
    proimages/Pic/I16.gif Z axis ball screws are prtected by cover to prevent rusting and chip damage.
    ITEM UNIT SB-50 SB-55 SB-60
    Center height mm.(in.) 765 (30.11) 845 (33.26) 925 (36.41)
    Swing over bed mm.(in.) 1095 (43.11) 1180 (46.45) 1265 (49.8)
    Swing over cross slide mm.(in.) 1025 (40.35) 1110 (43.7) 1195 (47.04)
    Distance between centers mm.(in.) 700(27), 1200(47), 1700(67), 2200(86), 3200(126), 4200(166), 5200(206)
    Width / Slant angle mm.(in.)/deg 1730(68.11) / 60°
    Width of cross slide mm.(in.) 600 (23.62)
    Standard turret model   Baruffaldi TB400
    Disc shape   Polygon Disc     or     VDI Disc
    No. of tool stations   12                    or       8 or 12
    Tool shank cross section mm.(in.) 32 x 32 (1.25)
    Tool shank diameter max. mm.(in.) 102 (4.01)
    Cross slide(X-axis) travel mm.(in.) 630 (24.8)
    Longitudinal(Z-axis) travel mm.(in.) 700(27), 1200(47), 1700(67), 2200(86), 3200(126), 4200(166), 5200(206)
    Cutting feed rate mm./rev(in.rev) X-axis: 0.001~250(0.00004~9.84)  Z-axis: 0.001~400(0.00004~15.75)
    Rapid travel M./min.(Ft.min.) X-axis: 6(19.68)  Z-axis: 10(32.7)
    Ball screw diameter mm.(in.) X-axis: 50(1.97)  Z-axis: 80(3.15)
    Quill type   Built - in type, Rotating tailstock quill
    Quill diameter mm.(in.) 235 (9.25)
    Quill travel mm.(in.) 200 (7.87)
    Inner taper of quill   MT#6
    Headstock oil refrigerator   18,000 BTU / 4,500 K cal
    Main spindle motor KW(HP) 30/37(40/50)-STD.     37.5/45(50/60)-OPT.
    Axis servo motor KW(HP) X-axis: 7(9.387)     Z-axis: 7(9.387)
    Hydraulic pump motor KW(HP) 3.7 (5)
    Coolant pump motor KW(HP) 1.05 (1.4)
    Standard    FANUC 0i-T series    
    Optional    FANUC 31i series,Other required
     Standard Accessories
    .  Bed width : 1430mm
    .  BTD-160, TB-320 turret
    .  Rotatory tailstock quill with 235mm diameter
    .  Motorized tailstock body and quill movement
    .  Fanuc 0i-TD built-in manual guide